Hunter BurneyAbout Hunter

Hunter is a committed husband, father, Ironman endurance athlete and seasoned operations and sales executive.
An engineer by education with his PMP certification, and rooted in a deep conviction to be a catalyst in life, Hunter is on a mission to equip professionals as they navigate their career chapters and become outstanding leaders in their trade and field.
With a diverse background and a successful major career pivot, Hunter brings an energy and perspective that he hopes many will connect with and relate to.
Further, the KATALYST Podcast host, active volunteer in the local church, and member of the local BPAC committee supporting pedestrian and bicycle safety in the community.
Be You! Be Confident! Be a Katalyst!

About Katalyst

Join me on this journey, let’s connect. I am on a mission to Enlighten | Energize | Empower others to be their most effective as individuals in addition to being influential leaders. My focus is on practical, foundational principles and a true desire to partner with individuals and companies to catalyze improvement. Specifically, the following roles will get the maximum value from the content I produce: Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Directors, Project Managers, Product Managers and team catalysts. There are great mindset resources out there, but none meet at the intersection of Talent Management, Operations Management and Practical Leadership like E3 Media Co. does.